Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where to Moon?

Ahh, my favorite part! The Honeymoon! This was a surprisingly hard decision. We both had a million ideas and places running through our heads on where would be the best place to go.

We have been on a cruise already, and LOVED it!

Kevin brought up the idea of going on another one for our honeymoon. I liked the idea but wasn't crazy about it. I think if we went I would feel guilty, guilty in the respect that I don't want to do anything on our honeymoon if I don't want to. So yes, I could lounge around on deck all day, eat my face off, and gamble my life savings away, but I would feel like we wasted money and time if we didn't get everything out of the ports. Plus, we are already planning another cruise for March 2012 with anyone that wants to join. So although it would be nice, a cruise was out.

Then we both wanted to regress to our childhood. And go to Disney World!

We both have not been since 8th grade. Side note, we did not know each other back then, and were at the park at the same time....weird. I would love to go back! And I want to see Harry Potter land so bad, you would think at the age of 26 that wouldn't be on the table, but I have no shame. But again, we both want to just relax, and I think we would be even more tired when arriving home from this trip than when we left, which would be hard to believe. So sadly, Disney was out.

Next, we thought of someplace warm and tropical, all thanks to the movie "Couple'e Retreat." Bora Bora!

I mean, how can you resist that blue water and bungalows over the water? Gorgeous! It was perfect, it would be relaxing, we wouldn't feel bad if we didn't do anything at all, and it could be all inclusive. But there was a catch....the price! Which is a pretty main factor after you just drop a down deposit on a house for a wedding! We couldn't justify spending that much on ourselves, and paying almost half the total cost on flight tickets. So sadly, Bora Bora was out!

Stay tuned for part 2 to see where we looked next!

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