Sunday, February 6, 2011

Third Ring Is The Charm

I would love to say that there was no problems when it came to accepting my ring, that it was just what I wanted and me and my ring lived happily ever after! In fact I was embarassed for the longest time about this story for the sheer fact that my ring process wasn't perfect. Well that is a half truth...I did love my ring, it was a marquise cut diamond, which is just what I wanted. So what was the problem you ask? Well, I think the gigantic black imperfection on the ring had something to do with it. You see, the FI purchased my ring from one of the popular chain jewelery stores. Since my ring size wasn't the standard size they sold in the store they would have to order my size which took 2-3 weeks. I guess my FI was really excited to give it to me and therefore ordered the size online to be shipped to the store since it took 3 days...much better than 3 weeks. When he went to pick it up the lady was rude, didn't let him look at it under a microscope and didn't explain anything to him. I don't know about the rest of you but it's not like my man has been buying engagement rings before and the woman did nothing to make this special or give him any knowledge on the subject.

So he proposed and I loved it, more that it was from him and he had wanted to give it to me so badly when I thought it would be coming almost half a year later.

Third Rings the Charm! :  wedding ring engagement First Ring

As the weeks went on I couldn't help but notice the big black line right across the middle, like a skid mark on my diamond, FI was the one to actually point it out. I brushed it off and thought to myself...all diamonds have imperfections and I don't want to hurt his feelings, I can live with it. Well more time went by and it turned out I couldn't live with it! Everytime I looked at my hand I saw a black line instead of a pretty diamond. When I brough it back to the infamous jeweler the woman was so rude! She told me that it was my FI's fault that he didn't look in the microscope and she has never heard of anyone of ordering a ring from the online website and having it shipped to the store! Are you kidding me? Why is it offered then? I wanted to scream. My mom and brother were there with me and couldn't believe the service! We left and I planned on exchanging it when I returned to Columbus to go back to school. The women informed me that I could go to another jewelery store that has a gemoligist on site who can size a new ring for me there free of charge because they are all owned by the same company.

I returned to Ohio and went to the store there to exchange it. Well low and behold the diamond I exchanged it for didn't have a skid mark going across it, but instead had a black dot near one of the points. At this time I was besides myself....what do I do? Do I get FI's money back, and make him feel like he didn't do a good job? Do we get another diamond at a better price with no guarentee that there aren't imperfections? Or do we go somewhere else? I was so confused on what to do. I went to the other jewelery store to see if they could help me and they looked at my like I had 3 heads. They told me that not only could I not exchange it there because there were different SKU numbers but I would have to pay a fee to have it resized there! This is absolutely not what the witch of a woman told me back in NY!

With my FI letting me know it was okay I finally sucked it up and went back to the jewelery store. This time I was going to look at what they had, and even brought one of the girls from work for support, exchange it if nothing was wrong with the diamond on display or get our money back. When I went in a looked to see what they had to my horror I saw that it was my original ring!!! The one I brought back first with a huge skid mark across the top of it! I was livid! They were not telling customers that this was a previously bought and worn ring, nor did they reduce the price, and the ring is way smaller than the ones on display since I wear a 6 and they sell 7 1/2! I couldn't believe it! I talked to the manager and he was nice enough and knew that they did wrong and tried to have us come back by even saying they would knock off $500 if we came back...yeah right! I ran out of there as quickly as possible! Full return in hand and no regrets!

When I returened to NY we went to a custom jeweler got a bigger diamond, more detail, amazing customer support, and finally a good ring experience, for almost the same price!!! Here is my third and FINAL ring almost three months after he originally proposed! I love that it looks blue in the sunlight in the picture!

Third Rings the Charm! :  wedding ring engagement Third Ring

And here is another picture so you can see the detail.

Did anyone else go through a less than positive ring experience or have mulitple rings before finally settling? Lets hear all your ring horror stories!

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