Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hunt for An After Party Dress

Being that are wedding reception is taking place in Saratoga Springs, on opening weekend....and it's our wedding!! we want to keep the party going! We already booked a hotel for the night (at a outlandish price) and are hoping that our wedding party and some guests come out with us.

Here are the issues:
1. It's opening weekend! Bars and the streets will be packed with out of towners going and coming from the track (which leads to #2)
2. I LOVE MY DRESS! I do not want people stepping, tripping, spilling food, spilling drinks, and any other horrible thing that could happen to my beauty, happening!
3. I don't want to worry about being a klutz and spilling drinks/food on my dress.

Some how, I imagine a mud pit sprouting up in the middle of the city and this happening to me. Minus the pouffy sleeves,  sleeves, gigantic veil...okay, scratch the 80s dress in general

All these concerns lead me to this conclusion...I NEED a party dress!

Let me tell you, it is hard to find a party dress that doesn't break the bank! Here are my four criteria:
1. Needs to be knee length
2. Nothing simple, needs to have some detail or a little beading
3. Needs to be a little flowy (It is going to be mid July and I will be feasting all day, I don't need something that clings)
4. Needs to be reasonably priced (I already spent bucco bucks on my wedding dress)

Here are some of the contenders.




Did anyone else decide on an after part dress or a fun reception dress? Where did you find good deals?

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