Sunday, February 6, 2011

Renting The Sparklies

Let me tell you that the search for fabulous wedding jewelry is hard! I would find something and then turn myself off to it by saying, well will it look cheap, will it be too small, will the metal be crappy quality, will it match my dress, will it match y other jewelry...yeah, you get my point. I'm a need to see in person gal when it comes to accessories. There are too many places out there that can make crap look amazing with a good camera. 

I don't remember how, but i came across this site that the heavens made. They rent you diamond jewelry for any special event (especially weddings), and then ship it back when the event is over. So you can be dripping in real diamonds that no middle class women can every afford! Here is an excerpt from their site.

Renting diamond jewelry for weddings and special occasions is an exciting new concept, and Adorn is proud to be the first to bring it to you. You could own these pieces, but why bother when you can embrace the variety and versatility of our diamond jewelry rental service. It’s smart to rent bridal jewelry for your wedding or other occasion when you want to sparkle and look your best!

You can relax—the process is easy and fun! In fact, renting bridal jewelry from Adorn is a simple process – the diamonds just show up at your doorstep. We’ve designed our service to make it a pleasure to indulge yourself while you put together your perfect look. -

I think this is a brilliant idea, especially for brides that want the real thing. Here are some of their jewelry that I have been swooning over.

This pretty retails for $73,500....yes dollars!
The more expensive pieces are obviously going to cost a lot to rent. But you can pay as low as $75 when they have sales going on to rent a couple thousand dollar piece.

Has anyone rented jewelry for their wedding or a special occasion?

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