Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Scarlet and Grey > Blue and Maize (haha, your color is corn!)

I have been keeping something from you guys....instead of spilling it off the bat lets start from the beginning.

My aunt owns an old Italian ice cream and confectionary in town. I am always helping out there, so when it came time to think about favors I knew exactly what I wanted....something edible from her shop. Now this was no easy decision since almost everything, but the ice cream is made and prepared by her. The good thing, is that she does a lot of custom work, so the decisions are limitless.

I love chocolate, and my aunt loves making chocolate. So a favor was born. Kevin and I thought giving up big chocolate Ms would be perfect, I mean who doesn't like chocolate? And obviously if you don't like chocolate you have no business being my friend!

I went on a world wide search for a mold in the shape of an M, you'd think this would be an easy task......NO! I found some tiny mint molds shaped like rectangles with an M in the middle, a set of 4 block Ms for $10 (but it was a block M, and ugly, we wanted a nice font), I found a nicer M in a nice font, but it came in one mold for $10. Do you know how long that would take to make 150-200 Ms with one mold? That was out. I seriously couldn't find anything and gave up.

Then my aunt said, "well why don't we look into that edible paper and ink? That way we can make chocolate in any shape (circle, rectangle, frame, etc) then you can put the edible design on top of it and have any design you want?" Yeah....that may work, but I really had my heart set on our guests getting a big hunk of chocolate M style!

I began looking at the paper half heartedly, but we weren't going to buy the paper, ink, paper, and everything else you need. We would need to buy from someone who did that. And it is expensive for something people are going to shove down their gullets.

Now, I mentioned before that I went to The Ohio State University for grad school. Well, when you are there, somehow it is bred into you that you must hate the entire state of Michigan. There is no logical or reasonable explanation behind this (except that we are way better at any sport every created, especially football!), and even just by being there 2 years I dislike anything that comes from that state. Yes...irrational.

Yes, that is Brutus destroying a Wolverine!
Here is the secret I, I am casually looking for M molds again and I find it! Where did I find it you may ask? Well on a football fanatic website, where you can buy any and everything with your teams logo on it. Can you see where I am going with this? The mold I found, was none other than the Michigan M!

There it was, clear as day, exactly what I had been searching for and pining over. An M mold with more than one mold at a reasonable price.

I came really close to not purchasing it...for the sheer fact that it is Michigan, and blue, and ugly...and I hate Michigan. But.....I did. I bought it. I refuse to tell any of my Ohio friends that i bought it, and I pray that the ones that come from Ohio don't recognize that it is the Michigan M, but who am I kidding? Of course they will! So this is a bittersweet moment for me.

Here it is, it came in the mail yesterday. Kevin has not stopped picking on me is horrible.

But that is fine, because I am never taking him to a football game ever again! O-H!!!!!!!

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