Monday, February 7, 2011

Perfect Activity for Older Kids

I have been in quite a pickle on the subject of finding activities that would keep my early teen cousins entertained at the reception. I didn't think that wedding activity books that are meant for my younger cousins would suffice. But I have found one perfect activity so far.

Remember connect the dots when we were younger, that consisted of all of 10 dots and somehow you made something crazy; like an elephant eating a whole pile of peanuts or something? When these are connect the dots for us all grown up. A co-worker informed me of this company called Mindware that has a bunch of different products for kids of all ages. What I found interesting was their extreme dot to dots.

Perfect Activity for Older Kids :  wedding activity children reception 49008 Ci Mwf10 M

They are puzzles that have anywhere from 500 to 1,400 dots! And once you are done connecting, which hopefully could take hours, you can color in the picture too! They even have some samples on their page. I'm hoping this will take up a lot of their time! 

Did anyone else find anything cool like this, to keep kids entertained?

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