Friday, February 11, 2011

The Book of Love

I have a mild obsession with the show Scrubs. I say have because even though they are no longer making shows I watch all the re runs constantly and we have all the seasons on dvd.

Like any other good Scrubs fan, the final episode of Season 8 killed me. You see JD walking out of the hospital and reminiscing about his life. Then this super wonderful, sad song plays and you see a slideshow of what JD thinks the future will hold.

That song is Peter Gabriel's "Book of Love." And yes, I bawled throughout the entire thing! Even now, if it comes up on my Pandora playlist, I get a little misty.

I dare you to watch it and not get emotional!

So why am I talking about this song? Well, we already have our first dance song picked out, but I definitely want to play this at some point in the reception. Maybe even dedicate it to my brand, spanking, new husband.

Does anyone else love this song as much as me?

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