Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sound of Bagpipes

Although an organist is the traditional instrument of choice at weddings. The FI and I wanted to do something a little different that incorporated our heritage. My aunt had brought up the fact that she knew people that played the bagpipes, and it would be something different to the bring to the wedding. I loved the idea! A couple of weeks later I watched my brother graduate from SUNY Oneonta where everyone was lead in by a local bagpipe group with pipes and drums, the sound gave me chills and I knew that that sound was what we needed at the ceremony.

So we have decided to have a piper at the ceremony who will not only play the processional and when we are leaving the church, but will play the entire ceremony! How can you not love a kilt at the wedding anyway?

After contacting a handful of different groups and organizations in the area it didn't look too promising. Because pipers main goals are to compete, they couldn't give me a definite answer, because they would choose a competition over a wedding. So they told me to look elsewhere or wait until April to see if anyone was available.

Well I am a closet OCD, and can not put something off for that long. As luck would have it, an article was in the paper in December about a local boy who just won a bagpiping competition. Reading more into the article I realized that this boy was the son of my old highschool principal, who I am actually on good terms with. I contacted him and asked him if Misha would want to/be able to play the pipes at our ceremony in July? He wrote back within minutes saying that he would love to and would even come to the rehearsal to practice and make sure everything was just right. 

I couldn't believe it! I was ecstatic and still am actually! He's young (like 10 years old young!) but you should hear him play, it gives me chills! And here is our little bagpiper! 

Did anyone else have their heart set on something they didn't think was going to work out?

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