Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shoe Overload

*Beware the number of shoes in this post may have you overwhelmed!*

So my search for the perfect wedding shoe is a long one. I had found my perfect dress and now all I needed was the perfect shoe! Well, being the procrastinator that I am I let that perfect shoe slip through my fingers. It became discontinued and those perfect purple shoes are now no where to be found. This is that mythical shoe, Badgley Mischka Eavan in purple. 
Now I could have ordered the white pair from my glass slipper and then had them dyed. Well the only problem was that the sight would not dye that pair of shoes. *sigh* Defeated again! What is a shoe obsessed bride-to-be to do? Well I got right back on my magic shoe horse...zappos.com....and began looking some more. 

I have become smitten with everything Badgley Mischka so would get the updates when new shoes arrived. Still hooked on my original pair of shoes I ordered them in black...with the mindset that if they fit, and were indeed perfect like I dreamed then to be, then I would compromise and get them in white. So I ordered these:
OMG Shoes! :  wedding shoes purple Eavan Black
And these, at the same time:
OMG Shoes! :  wedding shoes purple Randee Purple
I mean it's zappos' own fault for having free shipping to and back!

I opened the box...that they shipped overnight Smile, and swooned at the gorgeousness that is the Eavan pump! The fit, the little bit of sparkle all perfect! The Randee was also gorgeous but just didn't fit with the simple elegance of my dress. Sadly, the Randee pumps went back and I kept the Eavan pumps...I mean I have 365 days to decide if I want to keep them Wink.

Then it was back to the drawing board. Another email from zappos reaches my Blackberry saying new shoes are in. So I head on over the sight and find the new Osmond pump. Could my eyes be deceiving me?! Could I love these shoes just as much as my coveted Eavans? I didn't procrastinate with this one. I ordered them both in purple and white:
OMG Shoes! :  wedding shoes purple Osmond Purple
OMG Shoes! :  wedding shoes purple Osmond White
I opened my new box, which again they sent overnight! And it was like a beacon of light came and angels sang! After months, and months of searching I found my shoe! I stuck with the purple ones, originally thinking that I could keep the white and dye my crinoline purple, but I decided against it.

So how has everyone else's journey of finding the perfect shoe gone? Has it been a long drawn out process like mine, or short and sweet?

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