Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video Games Makes Girls More Helpful?

An article by NPR stated that girls playing video games makes them more helpful and actually behave better. I don't know about more helpful, but I do use video games as a major stress reliever. Ever since I was little I opted for video games and legos over Barbies. This was the beginning of my demise!

Coleco Vision, made right here in good old Amsterdam, NY. I drive by the old factory building everyday on my way to work. My mom and grandmother both worked in the factory, this ensured that we had every game ever made for this system in our home. The huge telephone controller would give you carpal tunnel after playing more than an hour, and the Rom gaming cartridges would pile up around the house while I played sweet games like the Smurfs and Cabbage Patch Kids, in the challenging levels of jumping over blades of grass and swinging off of lily pads.

As we grew up we had almost every video game system when they came out. In college our dorm and houses were filled with at least 4 systems at once. We would use them to procrastinate before finals, studio critiques, or to just veg out with after a long week. Some people run, I played video games. 

I have calmed down throughout the years, we currently just have the Wii and Xbox hooked up in the living room, but I am always up for a challenge or two. But I still use video games as a major stress reliever. When the wedding is overwhelming, or I think that I can't possibly handle the amount of DIY projects I have decided to take on, I turn to video games. I'm sure they will be incredibly helpful throughout this year while planning our wedding and attending ten others. Two of which I am in and one that FI is in. 

The great thing about this stress reliever is that it is something we can do together...although I am way better! We'll go out to the local bar and get our Buck Hunter on, where I am always guaranteed to beat the boys, I mean I did just win a tournament against ten other guys but who is bragging?

I have the look of killing zombies in my eye!
Does anyone else use video games as a stress reliever when life takes a toll?

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