Friday, February 18, 2011

Barber Straws

Here is a prime example of little details that I go crazy over...barber straws.

How cute are they!? When I first saw them I knew I had to have them, but anywhere I looked I found them for anywhere from 14 cents to 20+ cents......I am not paying that much for a straw!

I gave up the search after a while of coming to one dead end after another. With our colors being dark purple, lilac, and silver...I was thinking a grey straw would be perfect. But, low and behold, any place that I did find a decent price did not have my color. (insert sad face)

So like I said...I gave up. Then out of the blue, I came across Think Garnish. They are this great store that sells all sorts of packaging products and.....barber straws! That's red, blue, and grey!

And they were a steal at only 5 cents a straw! Since not everyone will use them I just ordered 100 of these beauts, at a whooping $5! It sucks that shipping was more than the straws but I will live. So now we are playing the waiting game for these puppies to come in and to make the verdict.

But I can just see them set up around the bar looking oh so cute.

Is there a little detail that you obsessed over?

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