Thursday, February 3, 2011

Standing Out Among The Masses

Right before we were engaged, I knew a couple of people from high school and college that were getting married, but none of our close friends had made that big step yet. I swear, as soon as FI popped the question everyone and their mother was getting engaged. Every time I would log onto Facebook I would see 5 new people we knew were engaged. It was a couple months of engagement frenzy. So now, like many other people, are going wedding crazy this year and next. From June to November we have at least one to three weddings a month, including our own. 

Now, I could care less if all these weddings were right before ours, it wouldn't take away from how special that day will be for us. What I am worried about is personalizing our day to reflect us as individuals and then coming together as a couple.

We have been to a bunch of weddings, together and separate. So many of them seem to be cookie cutter weddings. Yes, there are cookie cutter weddings just like there are cookie cutter houses. The same music, food, type of just turns into one wedding in my head. Honestly, when someone is like remember Joe and Jane's wedding last year...I remember all the other weddings. They turn into one big, unoriginal, generic wedding. And yes, the day should be about two people coming together as one and you there sharing in that day of happiness, but would it kill ya to incorporate just what makes you two such great individuals and a couple?

Because we love the outdoors we know that that love will come out somehow, somewhere in the wedding. Maybe table numbers of places we have been/mountains we have climbed? Having pictures of our parents/grandparents weddings around the venue? Having our parents' first dance songs played? Writing special vows? I don't want to give away too many details as I will write more about all of our great ideas, but I just want everyone to get the point...make this day your own! Not something where if a guest didn't know you and walked in the door, would have no clue whose wedding celebration they were at. 

What unique attributes are you showcasing through your wedding?

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