Monday, February 7, 2011

My Whole Life, My Whole World

Early on in the planning stages we knew we were not going to have a ring bearer. Although we have plenty of younger male cousins that could do the job, neither of us are very close with them. We didn't see why we would ask them out of the blue to share in our day.

So then came the question, what to do with our rings?

We thought about having a ring warming ceremony.

But with a guest list of around 200, we didn't think they would make it up to us in time with our short ceremony, and were worried about them being dropped.

We then decided that it would probably just be best to have the best man, his brother, hold onto both of the rings throughout the ceremony. But having him just keep them in his pocket made me nervous. I saw these ring pouches early on in the planning process.

But then the sensible me thought, what a waste. Especially you have them personalized with names and dates, when would you ever use them again? It would be a purchase that would sit in a box.

Then, like many other brides, I came across the Etsy seller, palomasnest. I became obsessed! Those cute little ring bowls were just so darn cute. And although they could be personalized, they would have a life after the wedding.

I take all my jewelry, besides my ring, off at night. And then my ring when I shower and work out. This would be perfect to keep my jewelry safe...since I am notorious for leaving a different piece in different places of the house.

We decided on putting lyrics from our first dance song on the bowl (which is actually our song, and will be the longer version of what we have engraved on our rings) along with our wedding date. Here it is!

I will add a dark purple satin ribbon instead of the twine. We will tie our rings around it and then the best man will keep the bowl in his hands throughout the ceremony.

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