Monday, February 7, 2011

All Aboard!

The wedding day trolley!

I would say that we have an average size wedding party. 5 on each side making the grand total of 12 including us. Whenever I have been in a limo before (say a 10 person limo with 10 actual people inside of it) There is always people on the floor and the people sitting in seats are smooshed together. That's the last thing I want on my wedding day, everyone stuck together all decked out in their formal duds. No thank you!

So we began looking into the idea of a trolley. And who could blame me with awesome pictures like these?

All Aboard! :  wedding transportation trolley Sb Mt Carmel Wedding 115
All Aboard! :  wedding transportation trolley Chicago Wedding Photography34013
All Aboard! :  wedding transportation trolley Felicity Wedding Trolley1
Has anyone else jumped on the trolley bandwagon as your wedding day transportation?


  1. We are getting a trolley too, from a company in Saratoga that is run by woman in Amsterdam. Who are you going with?

  2. I did look into that one, but Albany Aqua Ducks and their trolley was cheaper for the same amount of time. So we went with them.