Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Track Season, I Hate You!

Around September of last year, my wedding world was turned upside down. Here is a little background info for you all. My FI and I booked the Canfield Casino in Congress Park, Saratoga, November 2009 for our July 23, 2011 wedding; because if you want a place like the Canfield in prime summer months you book early! Well with all the track drama that occurred for it to even open this year we were hoping and praying that the track would open the last weekend in July 2011. Since that is when it normally opens....but, they opened it a week early last year. 

Yeah, we thought wrong because they didn't change it back for 2011. Instead our wedding is the Saturday of opening weekend! So instead of being excited to watch this:

I now feel like this:

Oh Track Season I Hate You :  wedding track saratoga wedding Stress2 300x255
What does this mean, well besides the fact that Saratoga will be insanely busy from everyone coming in from all over for opening weekend, the hotels have decided to jack up every room at least $300 a night. That's right ladies, so the hotels I thought I would be able to get rooms at for around $115 a night are now at least $400 a night!!! And on top of that no hotel will let me block hotel rooms! The one hotel that would would only block 15 rooms and you had to book at least 2 nights for $300 a pop. What person is going to spend $600 for two nights? That doesn't even include all the out of town guests we have coming from 15 different states, Germany, and Brazil...

*sigh* This was always a reality way in the back of my mind. In the depths behind all the wedding filled bliss in the front, but now it is just disappointing. Our friends who had their wedding booked for the last weekend of track, Travers Weekend, decided they didn't want to deal with all the nonsense and changed their date to October. Thankfully they had only booked the venue and photographer and could change easily. For us that it no longer an option and I have become attached to the date.

Is anyone else getting married during track season and feeling the wrath of Saratoga's jacked prices?

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