Monday, February 7, 2011

A Blinding Smile

Now my teeth aren't very discolored, but they could be just a little bit whiter. Back in the day I had a friend in high school who had her teeth professionally whitened at the dentist. This was over 10 years ago and it was around $800. This is through the use of peroxide gel applied to the teeth. On average it is about $650 for this treatment. One, dentists sceeve me out to begin with and two, who has an extra $600 to splurge on around your wedding? Not me?

Another option could be professional take home whitening kits. These are given to you by your dentist, and use a lower concentration of peroxide than you would get at the dentist's office, and remains on your teeth longer. These usually range in the $100 to $400 range. negative of this, you use a sort of mouth guard contraption to keep the gel on your teeth. Some people leave it in over night...I can't see this being comfortable.

My other option is to go the over the counter route and purchase products like mouth wash, tooth paste, and whitening strips. 

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What over the counter products seemed to work the best for everyone? Or did you use a combination?

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