Friday, February 25, 2011

Where To Moon Part 2?

So, when I left you, me had nixed a cruise, Disney, and Bora Bora off our potential honeymoon list.

Then, one of Kevin's co-workers recommended Sandals Resorts to us. They go every year and just rave about it. So Kev came home with this snazzy brochure and we poured over it for hours on end looking at all the destinations, food, and accommodations. We were hooked. The place we were hooked on was St. Lucia.

I became obsessed with the Rondovals, and needed to stay in one!

They had some sweet sales going on and we were sure we could swing it. Then, we went to a family party. We were talking to everyone about where we were pretty sure we were going to moon. His cousin then tells us that two couples she knows went to the exact resort we wanted to go to. *I thought, awesome! Justification that our place rocks!* 

But no....both these couples wished they hadn't gone. The one couple hated the food, and said that everywhere was just dirty. For the price you are paying it was not what they had hoped for. They actually were planning on leaving early if they didn't have to pay and arm and a leg to change flights.

The second couple, also thought the food was below par, and agreed with lowered expectations. They said the location was beautiful but the resort was something left to be desired. 

Sad panda!

The last thing we want to worry about on our honeymoon (besides nothing!) is the resort itself! So sadly, St. Lucia was also gone!

We kind of stopped looking into Sandals resorts after that, since no other location was that appealing to us...we really were set on St. Lucia. I tried searching for non-Sandals resorts in St. Lucia as well, but the prices were just insane. And we would be paying over a grand each for flights! So that's when St. Lucia was really wiped from the list. 

Stayed tuned for Part 3...I swear (just like the flowers) this story has a happy ending as well!

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