Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nom Noms Galore Part 2

I apologize....I tempted you with pictures of yummy, mouth watering food, and instead I talked about flowers and Michael Buble. I got side tracked! It will probably happen again, a lot!

Anyway, I promised pictures and here you go! We had around 12 passed hor devours that were all amazing. I wish I took a picture of our sheet with markings, it consisted of a number system of 1-5. On the really good ones Kevin decided to give them numbers like 6, 10, +5.....totally making a mockery of our established number system. It was food chaos!

Us excited to eat free food!
When it came to the entrees, we had a gajillion choices (yes that many), we split it up between our plates to do some serious work!

We marked our cards accordingly. Seriously, everything was amazing! I don't think there was anything we tried that we didn't like. Next up we got to try their sorbet that you can serve. We are not having it, but you can see how delicious it was....I had to turn it around, being a bad blogger I began devouring it and then remembered with 2 bites left.

And after was my FAVORITE part! Cake!!!!! Seriously, I love cake! Like LOVE! We got to try their black satin, with chocolate and raspberry filling, with white frosting, carrot cake, and traditional white cake with strawberry filling and white frosting.

So yummy! After 2+ hours of gorging ourselves, it was time for the parents to leave and for us to get down to business! Kathy came over to talk to us about table layout, linens, food/wine/beer choices, cake, chairs.....everything!

Why I love Classe Catering so much is because they will customize everything for you, and work with you. If you didn't want any of their food, but instead had a couple family recipes you wanted...they would do it. Dinner served Beauty and the Beast style....they will do it. Fire breather....they would do that too.

We get three beer choices, they had a list but even if it was not on the list they would do it, no extra charge. Being a huge Saranac fan, we wanted to have some Saranac brew! Kathy informed us that since they make a ton of different brews that we could pick 2 or 3 and it would still count as 1 beer selection......what?!?! So you're telling me we would have 5 beers total for the price of 3? Kathy I love you! So our thinking is Adirondack Lager, Pomegranate Wheat (love), and Summer Brew (double love!)....if they can get it, because it is ridiculously hard to find in the summer!



An awesome combination of beer and lemonade!

She said they know the distributor and will try to make it happen! Double awesome! Same held true for our wine selection, whatever we want! 

As for the food we need to do our homework, they have a lot more choices than just what we tried at our tasting. So it comes down to, pick what we tasted and was good, or take a blind leap of faith on something we didn't....even though I'm sure it would be good also.

But we do know that we will be having a passed midnight snack! Maybe some mini sliders and milk shake shooters! Yumm!



As for the cake we have to go through who they work with so we will leave that for another post. Although I will show you our inspiration pic!

But what put my mind at ease the most, was our sparkler dilemma. In our contract with the casino we are not allowed obviously inside that is a no no, but outside in the park as well? What about the gigantic sparklers I bought in PA on my move back from OH to NY? They are collecting dust in our spare room! She told me it would not be a problem, they would keep them under their supervision so no children would take them.

You see a kid playing with a sparkler...I see her burning down our historic building!
So now we can have pretty send off pictures like this!

Did anyone else have a meeting where they just felt completely taken care of and all your worries went away?

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