Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Floral Burnout Part 2

When I last left you, I had just met with family florist X, and was ready to give up on flowers altogether.

As soon as I walked into work the next day, I put my feelers out for other florists in the area. I swear I sent out mass emails asking two things. Are you still available for our date? and would you be able to meet and go over things? I was surprised that only 50% of the people I contacted had the decency to respond. Out of the other 50% I weeded through more, and then made an appointment with a florist in Saratoga. She was off the beaten path and I had a recommendation for her, so I headed up Friday after work again with some inspiration pictures.

In more technical terms, fluffy and romantic was what I was after!

When I arrived, I was surprised to find her in the middle of a residential district. Her shop was smaller but was filled with the most gorgeous flowers...and hydrangeas! As soon as we started talking she made me feel comfortable and gave me suggestions. She even busted out her laptop and showed me bouquets and centerpieces she had created for other weddings that matched my taste. (I'd say that this was a big step up from me making the decisions, and X writing nothing down what so ever) She even had a form and filled out Everything we talked about. Since she works with a local farmer she told me that she has a leg up on the competition because she is able to almost get any and everything people want.

She even showed me the glass vases (small and tall), like the last picture, and I fell in love. It would all be perfect! I felt so good after meeting with her I knew she would be the one! She told me that she would send the proposal out in a couple days and I would receive it sometime next week.

I felt so accomplished that weekend......and then the proposal came on Thursday. I told Kev...I'm saying it will be no more than $3,000. I mean we were just getting a lot of hydrangeas and roses...how bad could it be? The proposal was for $7,000!!! WHAT?!?!?!

So although centerpieces of hydrangeas are fairly inexpensive, she tacked on a minimum fee of $100 for each table. And then taxes and "services" took up $1,500! One day of service is $1,500? I'm in the wrong field! I was a combination of mad and defeated.

Mad that I had left something in someone else's hands and now was scrambling to find an available and decent priced florist in 5 months, and defeated because it didn't seem like flowers were going to be an option for us with these prices.

Stay tuned for part 3....I swear there is a happy ending!

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