Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something Blue

Sorry this post isn't about one of the four somethings that I will need on my wedding day. No this is about another blue, a more fun blue! Just like the something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue I will need that day, the bar will also have the four somethings as well. That's right, four drinks that will be suggested to our guests. We already have a grasp on our old and borrowed. New will be our signature drink, still brainstorming on that one. But the something blue, we are totally at a loss for.

The caterer is supplying all of our liquor and beer, the problem is that there is no blue liquor in our package; no hpnotiq and no blue curacao, or any other blue liquor. No problem, thought optimistic me. We will just mix juice with clear liquor for a yummy concoction. Lets just say right away....FAIL. Every juice combination we could try....even straight up blueberry = fail. All of them had a red tinge to them.

We finally gave in and accepted that we would not be able to have a "something blue" drink, unless we upgraded to the more expensive liquor package, which for one drink would be ridonkulous. So we decided to name it a "something not so blue" instead.

While I was back in Ohio with my mom and aunt for the annual Country Living Fair, that's right, they have a fair! We stopped out for dinner. While I was pursuing the menu I came across the answers to our blue drink dilemma. A lemon twist martini! Now I know what you are thinking, Amanda you are crazy, a lemon twist martini is not blue?! I know it's not, but it is when you add blue cotton candy. Now I know you are all looking at me like I have three heads, but it is true.

I forget what chain it was but that is exactly how they serve it. You put a fluff of cotton candy in a martini glass and then add citrus vodka and lemon juice. The cotton candy acts as the added sugar and dissolves completely when the liquid is poured on top. Plus, how awesome would it look to see martini glasses lined up on the bar, with puffs of cotton candy in them!

The recipes range, you could even use lemon juice, rum and vermouth. really whatever the bartender suggests. Sorry that I don't have a picture of the after product, I guzzled it down. Warning though, this is a potent drink, since there are no mixers in it, it can put you on your ass pretty quickly. And that holds true for your guests as well. So tread lightly if choosing this drink.

But the possibilities are endless, even if you didn't want a blue drink. Just the presentation in itself is awesome, and there a rainbow of cotton candy colors out there!

Anyone else find a unique way to do a "something blue" drink?

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