Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fall Engagement Shoot

We scheduled our engagement session for October 24 of last year. We wanted it to be in the prime fall foliage season of Upstate NY. the only problem was, the entire day before and morning of the shoot it rained on and off. I didn't know if our photographer would cancel it and reschedule or if he would have us brave it through the rain.

The other thing that I was worrying about though was what to wear? In dealing with the weather I had a million questions running through my noggin. Do we dress for rain? Will we do an outfit change? Do we want to do something casual? Do we want to be dressed in both? Do we dress for rain? And it goes on and on.

Instead of going out and buying new outfits we both rummaged through our closets. I, like many other women, am notorious for buying things I "need," only to out them in the back of my closet and have them resurface a year or two later with the tags still on.

These were a couple of inspiration pictures I had found while purusing some magazines. (These are all from my Blackberry so I appologize for the quality.

I loved the color combination here.
I liked the layered look here, and it would work great for fall weather.
I liked the layered look here again, but also the boots.
So I put two and two together and pulled two outfits, for both of us, from our closets. We decided to go with a more casual look and the a more dressed up one, nothing crazy like suits though.

The casual look would consist of neutral colors.

Standard v neck t shirt
Some grey booties (these are not the ones I wore but similar)

And a green cargo jacket to go over everything with a dark pair of jeans (Again, not the jacket but similar)

 Then Kevin wore:

A similar white and blue plaid button up, with dark wash jeans

A greyish/light green cargo jacket
And sketchers shoes
For the more dressed up outfits I wore:

A blue floral dress I had. I wore a long tan button up sweater over it.

With similar cognac colored tall wedge boots.
Kevin's outfit was:
A similar white, blue, and grey argyle sweater, with dark jeans
And black square toe dress shoes
This is how the two looks came out.


A little dressier
Did anyone else use clothes they already had for their engagement shoot?

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