Monday, February 14, 2011

Floral Burnout

One of the few things that I let someone else deal with was flowers for the wedding. I am not very knowledgeable on the subject and let my Nana *dictate where I was going.

*A little backstory, being from a large family means being related to a big portion of our small town. Which means, being related to a lot of people who have their own businesses and having a lot of friendors.

My Nana, in the beginning of wedding planning, said that she would like to pay for our flowers, BUT I had to go to X. X being a relative who owns a business in town. I should have known there was trouble brewing with this arrangement, but did it to please her, since I am the first grandchild getting married. So the beginning of the year rolls around and my mom made an appointment.

I, being a gung ho bride equipped with pretty pictures and wonderful floral ideas in my head, walk in all ready to discuss options, vases, alternatives, colors, and what is available for me in July.

Instead, the "meeting" left me like this.

I say "meeting" because there was nothing professional or informative about it. Right off the bat he was rude, insulted our priest and church, made accusations about our priest, and for being a florist with 30+ years experience, couldn't tell the difference between a rose and a garden rose. He told me that he "doesn't do" hydrangeas in centerpieces, and when going through his books from the 70s and 80s, he didn't know what was available in July or what colors flowers came in (he made ME look through the books and tell HIM what was available). He wouldn't discuss budget or how much stems and centerpieces would cost. Every question I asked him, well would flower a, b, and c look good together? Do you think purple or white would look more elegant? etc, his go to response was, "well ultimately you are the bride and you need to decide what you want!" "Normally it takes the brides 3 or 4 times to come in here and look through the books until they decide what they want."

So why am I paying you, if I am going to be picking everything out, finding out what is available, and basically telling you what to order? Isn't that a florists responsibility? I understand I need a general idea of what I'm looking for, which I did have, but I need suggestions and professional opinions of what would fit the image I have in my head and will fit into our budget.

There was nothing out of the "meeting" that was positive. There was more than five times that I wanted to get up and walk out. Half of the time I was there I sat in complete silence while looking through his 30+ year old wedding books, not knowing what anything was, how much it cost, or if it would even be available. I would say that this was the worst wedding planning experience to date! He wants me to come back to go through the books again sometime this week, but there is no way I will give this man any business or family money.

So a warning to other couples who have family or friends as wedding vendors, do not feel obligated to choose them. In the end it isn't worth your piece of mind, or wallet to please family members.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the floral saga.

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