Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Puzzles

I mentioned before that I have been struggling to come up with some activities for my older cousins. They are at that age where word searches and connect the dots just don't do it. So although I still am making cute activity books for the younger kids....that stuff is a little beneath this group.

The I Spy will work, but won't keep their attention for long. I still plan on giving them some of those extreme dot to dots, mentioned here. But I have been racking my brain on any other ideas.

That is, until I came across this post by fabulous A Subtle Revelry. For a bridal shower, they made photo puzzles. They printed out a bunch of different pictures for the engagement shoot, cut them into squares, and then put them in burlap bags for people to take.

This is such an easy project! An it is something I can give to all ages, I will just cut less pieces for the younger kids, and more for the bigger kids.

I think I will also spray mount the pictures to different colored purple cardstock, to give it a heavier texture, and so if they mess up the pieces they just have to look at the back color.

Not sure what I will put each one in yet, but excited for this DIY!

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  1. Magnetic photo puzzles are very interesting to solve, customer can select how much puzzle pieces he wants, uzzles for kids that are made from large puzzle pieces, they are great as educational toys.