Monday, February 7, 2011

Midnight Nom Noms

Kevin and I love food! There is nothing really that we won't try. So when it comes to the food we are having at our wedding, we want to make it memorable, and something that we both will enjoy feasting on. 

Since our final tasting is this Saturday I will talk more about the actual food after this weekend. But what I want to talk about now is midnight snacks!

Imagine this....everyone ate hours ago, people have been dancing the night away, having fun and taking full advantage of the open bar. There is about an hour left in the reception before we peace out to do some after partying at the local bars. I'm thinking people will begin to get a little hungry again, or at least want something to keep them going.

Cue in midnight snack!
We were thinking along the lines of mini sliders with fries or pulled pork sandwiches?

Or maybe some milkshake shooters?

What about some cookies and milk?

Either way, I know I will be starving and it will be an added treat for our guests!

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