Monday, February 7, 2011

Dressing The Mommas

Way back when in March, began the hunt for my wedding dress. The boutique where I found my dress my mom also tried dresses on. As well as two other places. It is hard to believe, but she is more indecisive than me, and thought she would find a style she liked and then could find a dress on her own.

Fast forward to two months ago, almost 8 months since I found my dress, coincidently is the last time she ever tried anything on. Now she had plenty of time. My wedding isn't until July, but I knew she wold put it off. We ordered my dress last week and she and my FMIL came with me. I started picking out dresses for both of them to try on.

After two hours they both loved the same dress! They were both fine with wearing the same thing, until one of the women at the store told FMIL that she HAD to try on this one dress. As soon as she tried it on it was a done deal. Both of the moms found their dresses when they least expected it and in the process had a great shopping experience with each other.

My mom ended up picking an off the shoulder dress by Jade, and FMIL picked a strapless dress by Private Label Occasion. Here is a picture of FMIL's dress on the right and an almost identical one for the mom on the left. (My mom's dress is a dark turquoise and FMIL chose a dark grey.) 

Dressing the Mommas :  wedding mob dress mog dress dress P22 CD207 208
Did your mom and/or FMIL find a dress when they least expected it? And has anyone ever had their mom and FMIL wear the same dress?

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