Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vinyl and Self Expression

Last night, I attended an Uppercase Living Party through friend and bridesmaid Michelle, here is her company webpage if anyone is interested in ordering from her fabulous self! She has just started selling the products and it gave me an excuse to purchase things for the house. Uppercase Living is all about vinyl designs that you can put on walls, dishes, glass, wood, and literally anything you can think of. There are words, designs, pictures, or custom options.

I purchased a cute ceramic charger with a vinyl design that I will put on it, that way I can use it all the time and take it with me when and if we move. (Because some designs can not be re mounted once you stick them someplace)

Here are some of the cute designs so you have a feel for what i'm rambling about.

All from Uppercase Living
I always thought about all the cute ways you can personalize the house, but I never thought about another option they have....weddings! That's right, they have a wedding line!

Sign for the ceremony or reception

Decorate your get away vehicle!

Unity candle

Guest sign

Label your candy bar

Monogram for the wall

Wedding words

Decorate venue doors
The great thing about them is that when you want to take them off of anything it is not a hard process. You just peel and they are gone with no sticky after math or discoloring of surfaces. And since they can go on anything you can customize just about anything you can think of.

I was thinking of ordering a couple things after we are married, and maybe using a couple signs for the reception.

(*I am not affiliated with Uppercase Living in anyway, I just love their products)

Has anyone else used any of these vinyl products regardless of it is from this specific company?

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