Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's So Fluffy!

So you can read up on my struggles to find a florist here, here, and here. You last heard that I found an awesome florist who was willing to work with our budget and not skimp on the look we wanted! We stopped in last Saturday to see a mock up of our big centerpieces, they will be at roughly 6 tables or so and at our king table. Without further they are:

These puppies are made of hydrangeas, baby's breath, and purple caspia which are on a plate that rests on our tall square vases.
Here is a close up.
I LOVE them! They are exactly what we wanted. The smaller centerpieces will consist of just hydrangeas and baby's breath and will be in a small cube.Again, I recommend Bob over at White Cottage Gardens in Amsterdam, NY. They have given me piece of mind!

Did anyone else's flower vision come to life?


  1. I am not usually a huge fan of hydrangeas because they can be too "clumpy" but I love the fullness of this centerpiece. Congrats!

  2. So beautiful. I love the little bit of purple.