Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY Envelopes

I started making thank you cards for my bridal shower way back when. (I knew everything would come fast, and it is! And I wanted to have things I could accomplish early out of the way; I will post about them later) The problem was, I made them about 4" x 5", and I could not find any envelopes that were the right size.

So, I decided to make some myself. This week, my favorite craft store ever, is having a sale on books of scrapbook paper. I found a 180 page book that was on clearance for $8 and received 40% off on top of that! So it cost me around $5 for a $20 book. Then I just bought some double sided tape and was ready to go.

First I made a template based on my card size. The side flaps are 1", bottom half is 3", and the top flap is 2".

I traced the template on the back of the selected paper.

This is what it looks like cut out.

Then I scored and folded the edges so they were all crisp.

All folded and ready to be taped.

Put a strip of tape on each side to connect to the side flaps.

And you have an envelope!

Now just do it a million more times to get the number you need. If I made the 180 envelopes that I could with this pack, they would end up being less than 3 cents each. That is pretty awesome for something custom!

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