Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Buying The Sparkles

Now, I was contemplating my wedding jewelry for a long time. I have an overload of book marked pages of websites and sellers of all different bracelets and earrings, but just couldn't commit to anything, for fear I would find something better right after.

I knew that I needed big fashion pieces, for both my bracelet and earrings. The earrings needed to be long...like super long, a couple of inches would be great. I plan on having my hair up and since my dress has three crystal parts on the entire dress, I needed to be blinged out!

He is obviously very blinged out!
My cousin had a Stella & Dot party in the beginning of the year. At this point I had scoured websites, stores, even custom jewelry makers, and had not found a bracelet I was in love with, I didn't think I would honestly find anything at this party either. I had two criteria 1) I did not want a stretch bracelet 2) It needed to have a clasp or a hinge, I didn't want something that slid on.

So I went to the party and there it was...the bracelet I had been looking for! Sitting there, shinning in all it's beauty. It had a clasp, it had a vintage feel to it (which I am all about), it had the sparkles, and it wasn't the price of my first born child!

Heirloom Deco Bracelet
It was $89, but I got it cheaper because I spent over $100 at the party. And here it is on...ignore the crappy Blackberry quality picture.

I love it! And found it in a place I never thought I would. Now that I had the bracelet it made my earring purchase even harder. I searched through the hoards of bookmarked web pages. Everything was either too expensive, or not long enough. It was a vicious circle. I then came across this bookmarked page that I had casually overlooked in my frenzied search. This pair of earrings seemed perfect, but I hate not being able to see jewelry in person and was hesitant to buy.

A couple of weeks went by, I thought "why not just buy them?!" And while I was still in that blissful state of when you just have money and want to buy everything (you all know what I am talking about), I hit the purchase button. These are the beauties that I purchased.

Again, they had a vintage look, and were blinged out. When they came, I was completely happy with the purchase. Not only did they ship fast, but they were even prettier in person, and did I mention they were only $45? Again, sorry for phone pictures, but I am lazy!

They are around 3 inches, and I can't wait to wear them! Together the bracelet and earrings go perfect together. And I'm glad I wasn't completely compulsive and waited awhile.

Did it take anyone else a long time to pick their wedding jewelry?

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