Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ready to Kayak!

Being from Upstate NY, it is very easy to be active....I mean, there is a million places to our disposal. Kev and I are pretty outdoorsy people. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting kind of people (well he hunts, I don't).  We have been talking for a while how awesome it would be to have some kayaks. That way, we wouldn't have to fish from shore or rely on someone with a boat. We have mostly been all talk and no action when it comes to this though. It's not like money grows on trees...although it would be nice! And something unexpected is always coming up.

That all changed because...I just received my tax return!!! Free money yay! Ok...technically not free money, really my money being returned to me...but you get my drift. And what just so happened to be on sale this week at a major sports store? If you guessed kayaks you win!

So we trekked our butts over last night and found some sweet deals. Let me introduce you to our new toys ladies and gents!

Mine on the left, Kev's on the right..we didn't purposely match I swear!
I opted for the more expensive fishing version, a Trophy 126 K/D. Full size hull and backend compartments, bungees, and two fish pole holes, a good starting out kayak.

Kev opted for one without all the bells and whistles and purchased a Future Beach Fusion 10.

Now I am no where ready to be one of those extreme kayakers...no sir, I like living. But I am ready to hit up a lot of the rivers and lakes, and even great Sacandaga this year!

So once this tundra that we call NY state stops getting snow...yes, we had more yesterday...does the rest of the country have summer already? We will be hitting the water!

Does anyone else own a kayak? Anyone in Upstate NY want to start a kayak click?

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