Tuesday, March 8, 2011

DIY Flower Girl Basket

When I began thinking about details, I always would think, "what am I going to have the flower girl carry?" I was not a fan of the generic silk baskets that were gleaming white, they did nothing for me.

So, in October, I went to the local Good Will to look for some clothing for my Halloween outfit. When looking over by the housewares section they had a ton of baskets, literally a ton! I found a perfect round woven basket. It was marked $1 but was 50% off, so I bought it for a whooping 50 cents! Being the horrible blogger that I am, I have no pictures of my purchase of its transformation process...for that I apologize, but I do have a final product picture...so just tag along.

I started off by taking some white spray paint laying around. I coated it twice, since the wicker soaked up the paint like no one's business. Then all I did was take some of my left over purple satin ribbon from my DIY unity candle, and wrapped it around the handle. Then on each side I added a bow.

My original idea was to have our flower girl throw petals down the aisle...alas, our church or any church in the area for that matter, does not allow that anymore. So we are going to put a stem of hydrangea in the basket for her to carry down the aisle.

Here is the finished product. (You know the drill, crappy Blackberry photo)

This was a super easy product that really cost me only 50 cents, since I used other products that I had already bought beforehand. 

Did anyone else have a super easy DIY?

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  1. Wow! That looks great! What a great price, too!