Monday, March 7, 2011

Inviting The VIPs

This weekend I finally buckled down and began working on our invitation designs. I came up with 3 ideas and seriously stared at them for hours. When it came down to it I was stuck on two. I showed the designs to Kev when he came home from work and we have one clear winner now. So the rest of this week and the weekend, I will hopefully complete our suite and begin printing and assembling. But that is for later.

The invitations got me thinking about our guest list and of our VIPs. Now, we are super pumped to have everyone we invited be able to come to our wedding, but the VIPs are a small list of super, fabulous people who we are inviting, but know they will not show up. People like the President, the Pope, Mickey & Minnie, etc. I know what you are thinking, "Amanda, why are you wasting an invite on these people if you know they are not coming?" That is because, usually these people, although will not come, will send a congratulatory message on you and your partners upcoming wedding. Who doesn't want a letter from Obama or the Pope?

There are 3 VIPs that we plan on sending invites out to:

The President and First Lady

The Honorable and Mrs. Barack Obama
The White House, Greetings Office, Room 39
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, District of Columbia

Pope Benedict
Pope Benedictus XVI
Prefettura della Casa Pontifica
00210 Citta del Vaticano

But there is one other person that I would like to extend an invitation to. That person is:

President Gordon Gee of The Ohio State University
President Gordon Gee
205 Bricker Hall
190 North Oval Mall 

I Love Gee! As any good Buckeye should! We were in Germany together, he sat through a presentation there and in Ohio, he stopped at my and my roommate's house when we were having a huge party with our class and the Germans we worked with (I can't begin to tell you how embarrassed I was that Gee was at my shitty college house, with the President of another college, and the publicist of Vogue...these are the type of everyday people he hangs out with!), he came up to me, out of the other 10,000 people I graduated with to talk to me and take pictures, and there are so many other times that I was able to talk with him and hang out. I don't think this is a normal encounter.

Is the likelihood of him coming high? No, but I would love to see if he comes up with a witty response, or sends anything back at all!

Is anyone else inviting VIPs? Are you inviting anyone unusual?

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  1. Hello! (And nice to "meet" you... :) I saw your blog on weddingbee while I was posting mine.

    My comment is....WHY didn't I think of this??!! It is absolutely brilliant...and I can't wait to read if you receive replies. Your love of Gee is equivalent to my love of Lute Olson of UofA. Man, I wish I would have thought of sending him an invite....