Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sound Of Bagpipes Revisited

In this post from a while ago here, I talked about how we decided we wanted a bagpiper for our ceremony and found one in the shape of a 10 year old boy, he will be 11 in a week.

Well, last night we had the pleasure of going over and listening to him play. It. Was. AWESOME! He is so good! We were both impressed and got goosebumps. He played a whole array of songs for us. Being that we didn't have a clue about songs or what we wanted, we let him do his thing. After about a half an hour of playing we picked the songs for the ceremony.

He will arrive about a half an hour before the ceremony and play outside while everyone is entering. The prelude music will be Scotland the Brave, Roman Tree, and Wings.

For when I walk down the aisle we narrowed it down to Blue Bells or the traditional Bridal Song. They were both good it was hard to decide. Listen for yourself.

"Blue Bells"

"Bridal Song"

I think in the end we will pick the Bridal Song, for a little bit of tradition, but will have him slow it down a little.

There will be two times during the ceremony that he will also play. Those songs will be Sleeping Tune, and our favorite, Marie's Wedding.

Then the recessional will be Bonnie Dundee and Steamboat.

We are so happy to present some of our heritage through our ceremony. I think the bagpipes will be a welcomed treat for everyone and will be something people have not experienced that often.

Are you straying away from an organ for a church wedding?

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