Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flowers and Herbs

I just created a final run through of our invites last night....I swear I will reveal them soon...and was thinking about postage. I really have my heart set on using the Love pansy stamps, they are purple and would work perfect with our silver envelopes.
So once I have a run through printed on cardstock I can take our suite to the post office and see how much it ways, and determine what kind of postage I need. What I do know is that we are going to need postcard stamps for our responses.

And although the polar bear stamps are cute...they don't go with our theme.

So while perusing the Post Office's website, I came across the new 29 cent postcard stamps that will be coming out on April 7! Say hello to herbs everyone!

I don't know why there is such a big white space around it....sorry!
These will work...especially the cards that are lucky enough to get the lavender stamps. So this kind of worked out in my favor, since we are planning to send the invites out beginning of May. Just one less detail I have to worry about!

Did any other little thing fall into place for anyone?


  1. Oooh those herb stamps are super pretty. I really wanted the SPCA stamps with the cute animals on them but I was told they don't have them anymore :(

  2. Ms. Lemon Puppy - I just checked the usps website and you can buy those online. Your post office may not carry it anymore but you can still totally order them. We have the same issue, our post office doesn't carry the purple pansy stamps, so I think we need to order them online!

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