Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sugar High!

A couple weekends ago, we were able to meet with the company that will be making our cake, J.S. Watkins in Clifton Park. Emily was the person who met with us. We had a mile long list of fillings, frostings, and cake flavors to choose from. We decided when talking to our caterer that we would have a three tier cake, and each layer would be a different flavor. I could barely pick one combination let alone three!!! I thought that we would need four layers, since we would be taking our top tier home and storing it in the freezer for a year, but we were informed that they give us a free anniversary cake, of our flavor, get of charge!!! I am still excited!

So I went in with our inspiration/ I want this cake picture.

 We sat down with Emily and decided that we will have a 3 layer cake, starting with the solid white layer with scroll work. The bottom layer will be Black Satin cake with Grand Marnier mousse and mocha frosting, the middle layer will be traditional white with raspberry filling, and the top will be their speciality, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. The design will be similar except feature a light lilca color instead of a blue, similar to my mock up.

Look at our cute little toppers!
They even sent us home with this awesome box of amazingness...aka, lots of delicious cake samples!

Black satin cake with chocolate filling, traditional white with french buttercream, carrot cake, yellow spongecake with a combination of strawberry and french buttercream filling, and a red velvet cupcake!

 I promptly brought the package of deliciousness over to my parents and we split each piece 4 ways.

Before the devouring.
After the devouring!
It.Was.Yummy! I am so pumped to see the final product!

Does anyone else love cake as much as me and my family? What was your inspiration picture?

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