Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Everyone on Kevin's side has always followed the Polish tradition of Poprawiny. Pronounced "Po-prah-'vee-nyh." It is held on the day after the wedding. This is a follow-up celebration and a way to use up the food and drink left over from the wedding. Traditionally, it is held at the home of the Bride's parents, but we will be having it at Kevin's parents' house. Basically, the bride and groom should attend this event and put off the honeymoon as a way of saying " family and friends are more important, our honeymoon can wait."

So yes, we will not be leaving for our honeymoon until the middle of the week after the wedding. But that will give us some time to decompress after the wedding craziness. Plus, half of our guest list is out of towners, and we really want to be able to spend more than the 10 mins we will spend seeing them at the wedding.

With these parties being so low key, it will be fun to just kick back in some flip flops and a beer and reflect on our wedding day and how it flew by!

Is anyone else incorporating any traditions into your day?


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