Friday, April 15, 2011

Double Digits!

When did this wedding planning go full speed? Today is 99 days until the big day...seriously! I was in the right mind set from the get go, in terms of planning and organizing what needed to be done month to month. I even made a million lists, bought a ton of odds and ends for the gagillion DIY projects I had planned (and some I have completed), and just knew what needed to be done.

But like every bride life gets in the way. Between work, traveling, family, baking (possible new business venture?), friends, being on a board, and the major thing....sleep, I have fallen behind. My type A personality does not approve! Now with a mere 99 days left I am in full panic mode, full throttle ahead!

I stayed up until 11:30 last night, tweaking and fixing our wedding invites, so i can hopefully print them today, and then begin the process of cutting, glueing, and compiling those beauties to get in the mail the beginning of May.

Because I love lists, this is what I hope to accomplish in the near future (rest of April):
- Print out invites and compile
- Address invites
- Make card box (same will be used for shower and wedding)
- Finish making thank you cards and envelopes for shower

At first glance the list seems doable...but they are all big projects. We have invited around 70 people to the shower. I know that not everyone will attend, but I would like to have near 70 cards and envelopes just in case, or if we receive other gifts before the wedding. I have almost enough envelopes (which are the easiest to do), but cards I only have about half, and boy are they time consuming.

I already have the boxes I need for the cardbox, but I still need more ribbon, fabric, an accessories to jazz it up. As for addressing the invites that will probably be a weekend project in itself, as well as doing everything for the actual invites.

Now throw in fixer upper projects at my grandparents house, a friend's bridal shower, Easter, and a trip to Buffalo the last weekend in April, as well as everything else going on that life has to offer. I can see migraines in my future.

As the big day gets closer is anyone else making massive lists of things to do? Or are you breaking under the pressure?


  1. Good luck with your list! I had a wedding nightmare last night and now I am panicking about all the stuff I need to do.

  2. I'm 30 days away as of today! when is your exact wedding date? i'd love to add you to my blogging brides page on my blog!