Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In Love: Calligraphy

This weekend I am hoping on having all of the wedding invitation pieces printed out, that way we can begin cutting, gluing, and assembling them, in order to get them out the beginning of May. That leaves the envelopes to be dealt with asap! I love the look and feel of calligraphy, it's so whimsical and romantic...what I don't like about it is the price. Seriously, weddings are expensive enough, I don't need to drop bucco bucks on something that 80% of the recipients will throw right in the garbage!

Here are some of my inspiration pics!

So I plan on doing fake calligraphy myself. You may be tilting your head to the side and saying, but how? Well I have two options. Option 1, feed every envelope through the printer individually and print the addresses on, then go over my hand. (The envelopes are a metallic silver, so I'm thinking a light grey ink)

Or option 2, print the addresses on sheets of paper, place the paper in the envelope and then use a light box to trace the address. I actually don't know how plausible option 2 is because the envelopes might be too thick. 

So these are my only two options I have come up with. Now I have a million questions for you. Does anyone know what is the better choice? Which one is easier? And does anyone else have any other options? Also, does anyone want to come to Upstate NY and help me address 100 envelopes? There will be wine involved I promise!

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