Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shipping Up To Boston

I am trying to catch up on everything that has happened in the past month, where I have been a bad blogger and getting very far behind!

I told you that I am a planner....yes I love party planning, and wedding planning, but I have a degree in city planning. Through my association, American Planning Association, they have an annual conference. This year it happened to be in Boston. Now, although we live less than 3 hours away, I somehow have not been out to Beantown in 10 years. So from this past Saturday to Tuesday I was getting reacquainted with the wonderful city. I had conferences from early in the morning until 3-4 everyday. After which, Kevin and I would head out for some heavy sight seeing and to gorge ourselves on some of the great Boston eateries.

First it was off to the New England Aquarium!

We got to see the seals outside

My favorite animal ever....penguins!!! And boy were there a lot of them!

Little blue penguins

Nemo fish

And Dori

The "Predator" penguin

Lots of fish


Sea Dragon

Myrtle the Turtle...she is 80 years old and ginormous!

The middle of the aquarium is this cylindrical tube that goes up the entire height of the building. Smaller fish are on the bottom, the higher you go up the bigger the fish get, this is also where the turtles, sting rays, morray eel, and sharks like to hang out.

Cute sea horses and mussels

Giant octopus asleep and stuffed up in the corner

More penguins!!!

And of course a shark

Afterwards we walked around the docks. It was such a nice day we couldn't pass it up.

Instead of taking the T back to our hotel we ended up walking the 20+ blocks back to get some more sight seeing in.

We stopped at Quincy Market

Mr. Sam Adams

The Freedom Trail

King's Chapel Graveyard of 1630

Granary Graveyard

Paul Revere, Sam Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin's parents are buried here 
(just to name a few)

We walked through the Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden

We finished by walking up Commonwealth and heading back to our hotel. The next day, when I was done with my conference in the afternoon, we jumped back on the T and headed up to Harvard. 

I don't go to school here.

We jumped back on the T and headed to the Old North Church

Then we stopped and had dinner at the famous Union Oyster House. We feasted on half shell oysters, calamari, scallops, and broiled scrod...amazing!

Had to throw in a planning quote. "We can erect thousands of buildings, and put down miles of concrete, but until the next generation can say that Boston is a better place to live, we will have achieved nothing."
We then walked back through Quincy Market and headed on home to our fluffy hotel bed. The next morning it was time to pack up and say goodbye to Boston. But there was one more place we needed to stop first...the Sam Adams Brewery!!!

Mmmmm...barley and hops!

The barrel room!

We even saw the two guys from the commercials! Don't believe it's them? Have a look below!


We even got to sample Boston's Brick is only sold in Boston, and you can only get it on tap from some exclusive bars or in keg form. And if I could have fit a keg in my car I would have. 

Overall we had a great time in Boston and will hopefully be heading back soon!

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