Thursday, April 7, 2011

With This Tattoo...

Yesterday, Kev and I stopped by our wonderful jewelers to pick up his band. He tried it on and I had this feeling that I didn't want him to take it off...I just loved seeing that ring on his left hand. That got me thinking, there has been a lot of debate publicly over Prince William's decision to not wear a ring. Kate is obviously wearing his later mother's, Princess Diana's ring, but he has stated that he wishes not to wear anything.

I have heard other stories of soon to be brides fretting because their fiance's also wish not to wear any ring. I know some reasons are for work, their job may be dangerous, they could do a lot of manual labor, they could work around electricity, but then there are some that seem to have no reason except they don't feel comfortable having something on their hand, or they just don't want one.

This then brings up the issue of what are their other options? Lately, a lot of men and women seem to be gravitating towards the idea of a tattoo in a ring design on their ring finger. Whether it be to solve the issue of comfort, or financially, since gold keeps sky rocketing.

I don't know how to feel about it. I for one have no tattoos, not because I have anything against them, I think there are a lot of tattoos that are beautiful and unique. I just haven't wanted anything bad enough to get it on my body for life. I especially didn't want to get a random tattoo, like a butterfly, and have it look like a pterodactyl when I was 70.

So this is open for discussion. If your man, or yourself, didn't want to wear a ring for whatever reasons would you be open to the idea of tattooing, or would you want to explore other options?

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